About Us



We strive to bring out the talents of teacher trainees with high quality education and motivate them with innovative and dedicated teacher service for the ethical cause of education and discipline. Training environment for innovative teaching.


Arasan Ganesan College of Preceptors a self financed co-educational institution approved by NCTE, Bangalore is to offer Two years educationist training programme leading to Degree of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) for the under graduate and post graduate students admitted as per Tamilnadu Government norms adopting curriculum and evaluation system stipulated by Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, Chennai.


  • Offer high quality teacher education.
  • Bring the inherent talents and skills of teacher trainees with quality education.
  • Provide a comfortable environment of learning to prepare the teacher trainees to meet the future needs of the society.
  • Provide with excellent infrastructure for the conducive learning environment.
  • To develop people who propagate the values of true education.

Profile of the College

The founder of Arasan Educational Charity Trust Sri. A.M.S. Ganesan a great man, whose life was yet another glorious example of the layman to the noblest, giving life and comfort to thousands of people in his score-and-odd institutions and industries.  Of all the establishments he raised in his lifetime, he held the educational institutions dear to his heart.  Under his loving care the educational institutions grew up in rapid strides since 1981 and never vacillate in its progress.  Though his body seems to be mortal, he achieved immortality in the permanent things which he created in common.

His eldest son Sri. A.M.S.G. Vijayakumar inherited a legacy of his father’s commitment, dedication and perseverance.  As he attained heavenly state of life, his hard work produced an enthusiastic successor the new chairman Sri. A.M.S.G. Ashokan.

He also ensured the sustenance of the fast pace of growth of our esteemed educational institution.  He initiated in grooming new groups of institutions in the trust for the primary school children.  His knowledge continually renewed by ceaseless effort gave new thoughts to his father’s dreams in creating a new college of preceptors for the future teachers and educators of modern world.  His vision is infinite, ready to serve human kind in all walks of life, creating discipline invisibly.